Caesar's Creek Pioneer Village


Welcome to the Website for the Pioneer Village. Our website is still going through a few growing pains so it is possible you will find some sections a little short on information. Rest assured though we are working hard to get every section updated and get as much information as you could possibly want on the website. We are going to be putting a lot of information about the History of the Village and you will be able to see how we have grown over the years also. If you have comments, questions or kudos, feel free to drop us a line.

Upcoming Events:

Harvest Festival and Trick or Treat - Cancelled for 2020

Harvest Festival: October 17th & 18th

Trick or Treat: October 24th

Both of these events are being cancelled for 2020 at the Pioneer Village. 

The Harvest Festival is being cancelled due to the fact that many of our members/volunteers do not feel comfortable moving forward with the event and being in such close proximity to people. This is an event which we always make sure to have demonstrations at and without a full compliment of volunteers, we are not able to have the level of activity that we want to put on the best show possible. Many of our events we can get by with less members/volunteers but this is not one of them so we will be cancelling it for 2020 and it will return in 2021. 

The public Trick or Treat will not be held at the Pioneer Village this year due to Covid-19 restrictions. While we are financially independent, we still have to have certain events which we do at the Pioneer Village cleared by the State and this is one of those which falls into that category. With the concerns over the virus still rather high and the case numbers not going down as quickly as they would like, they are not permitting certain events from happening in the State Park and this falls into that category. While we hate that we have to cancel this event, we do understand and do want this Virus to get under control so we can return to doing all of the events we wish to do and hopefully everyone understands. 


In regard to photography at the Pioneer Village. We know this time of year, many photographers like to get out and take pictures using the Fall colors. We do want to remind everyone that the Pioneer Village is not actually owned by the state and we are a private non-profit organization. If you are going to be taking photos at the Pioneer Village for professional use there are a few things to keep in mind:

a) All images of the Pioneer Village are the property of the Pioneer Village and monetary gain cannot be made off of images of our buildings.

b) We request if you are using the Village for photo shoots that you do donate to the Pioneer Village. We maintain the Village completely off of our events and money which is donated to us and the buildings you love to use as backgrounds and the grounds which you love to use cost a considerable amount of money to maintain each year.

c) If you are going to take pictures, please respect the grounds. Do not climb on or sit on any part of the buildings or anywhere that you should not sit. Do not move our benches or anything else. Everything is in its place for a reason. Please do not try to enter any of the buildings. The buildings are closed and locked for a reason.

* Metal Detecting at the Village *

As there have been an influx of inquiries about metal detecting at the village, we decided to post a message here about it. As the Pioneer Village is located on State land (we rent the land from the state), we abide by their rules which state that the only place any metal detecting can take place is on the sandy portion of the beach at the Public Beach Area. All other metal detecting is a prohibited activity.