Paranormal Investigation Rules

  1. All people participating in the event must be 18 years of age or older (except for special events where we will allow younger). Picture ID must be provided.
  1. Alcohol, drugs, or weapons will not be allowed on the premises during the event. Anybody deemed under the influence once they arrive will be told to leave the premises and will forfeit all money paid. This is at the discretion of the Pioneer Village Representative.
  2. Advanced registration is needed for the event since we are limiting the number of people.
  3. All people attending the event must present a paid registration for the event and bring a photo ID to the event
  4. NO admissions will be sold at the door. All participants must pay for the event in advance.
  5. Investigations will be conducted regardless of the weather (with the exception of weather conditions which can be deemed dangerous)
  6. All furniture and items already in the buildings are not to be moved. Many of the items in our buildings are fragile. There are exceptions like chairs but there is not to be any “re-arranging” of the items inside of a building and any chairs which are moved need to be put back in their original location.
  7. Removal, damage, or desecration of any Pioneer Village property will result in immediate expulsion from the property and possible legal action
  8. At least 1 member of the Pioneer Village will be part of every group as a “guide” which is investigating at the village to ensure our private property is treated with the utmost respect
  9. No person who is part of the group shall be outside of view of the guide.
  10. The groups will only have access to the building(s) which are agreed upon prior to the visit.
  11. The investigators are limited to only the building(s) provided for the investigation and the grounds immediately surrounding the building. They will not be permitted to wander the grounds of the Village.
  12. No seances or use of Ouija boards or anything of the similar will be allowed within the buildings or on the grounds. If these items are found to be in possession of anyone in the group that person will be told to leave the Village and take the item with them.
  13. Except where allowed, no open flames inside of the buildings.
  14. No disrespectful evoking or provocation will be allowed for any reason. This is a means for expulsion from the event.
  15. All items brought with the group must also leave with the group. No leaving items behind to see if they change location by the time you come for your next visit.
  16. Restroom facilities will be made available to the investigators
  17. No Pets are allowed to accompany the investigators
  18. Once the investigation begins, the investigators will not be allowed to return to their cars until the investigation is finished
  19. Participants are allowed to leave at any time during the investigation but may not depart the premises and return.
  20. All people coming for the investigation will need to park in the parking lot. There will be no parking within the gates (exception made to Pioneer Village Members acting as staff for the event)
  21. Any evidence caught at all by an investigators personal devices (cameras, recorders, etc…)  are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Any use of this without the written permission from the Pioneer Village Board of Trustees may result in legal action.
  22. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the Pioneer Village grounds
  23. Anyone found in violation of the rules or found returning to the village to conduct an “independent” investigation will be banned from the property for all future Pioneer Village events.
  24. All Funds raised through this Paranormal Investigation will be used towards the preservation of the Pioneer Village.